Every Door Direct Mail

We went to a short seminar this week to learn about one of the coolest new postal service initiatives I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s called Every Door Direct Mail, and although it could be a boon to everyone who uses direct mail, it seems particularly suited to small business owners. It’s a faster, easier and cheaper way to target local markets. Gone is the cost of purchasing and maintaining a postage permit. Gone are expensive, out-of-date mailing lists. Gone are annoying bounce-backs (where you essentially get the pleasure of throwing your own money away).

Taking their place is a system that allows you to target locations by city, neighborhood, zip-code and postal route. You define the parameters, the USPS reach tool shows your options and you pick the final details. Your mailing can be as small as a one-time 200 piece mailing or as large as 5,000 pieces (per station) per day—no addresses needed.

The mailing costs are lower (as of this writing, 14.2¢ per piece versus 29¢ for a conventional postcard), and it’s as easy as filling in the information right at the retail counter or online (I prefer online). Your mailing can be anything from a flat to a large envelope or even a catalog as long as it meets the program size requirements and weighs less than 3.3 ounces.

The cliff notes to getting started:

  1. Visit USPS.com/everydoordirectmail to get more info and register your business.
  2. Go to https://smp.usps.gov/ to define the customers you want to reach.
  3. Design and prepare your printed mailpieces. (Shameless plug: Call us and we’ll design a great-looking mailer for you!)
  4. Bundle and submit your mail pieces. (Many printers can also handle bundling and submission.)

If your business needs an inexpensive and effective way to reach local consumers, this new service may just be the boost you’ve been looking for! You could easily save enough in mailing to offset the cost of hiring a pro to design a killer looking mailer (hint, hint…).

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